May 27, 2020

May 25, 2020
4:30 AM Low Tide 10:40 High Tide
Water Temperature- 74.1 Degrees

Memorial day weekend in Charleston are always a fun but busy time for fishing charters. Memorial day weekend is the kick off to summer and normally attracts boaters from all over to celebrate on the water, which makes for a busy waterway! I tend to try to stay out of the harbor and back in the creeks to stay away from all of the boating traffic and still get my charter clients on some fish.

I started out the morning catching live shrimp for my half day fishing charter and boy was it easy! We were catching about 12-24 a cast and made for an easy morning preparing for my charter. I got back to the dock earlier than I expected so I went ahead and rigged up all new leaders and hooks on all of my rods to ensure we would not have any malfunctions from my previous charters. Picked my group up right at about 8:00 AM and the crowds were already starting to form. We quickly headed towards the creek that we have been some really good luck catching Redfish, Trout and Black Drum in. Our first spot did not take very long and we quickly hooked up on a 18″ Redfish and followed by a double hook up of another 16″ Redfish. My clients were very happy and was already telling me that this was ” the best charter they have been on” After about 12 Redfish, I asked my clients if they wanted to move up the creek and try for some trout since the tide was starting to come in and was already pretty high into the grass. I could tell they were getting worn out by catching Redfish and needed a change of pace so they said yes! We threw popping corks against the grass with live shrimp and caught a handful of Trout before our trip ended. We ended the trip right at about 20 fish and lost probably another 5 due to the fish swimming into the structure around the docks and pilings.

Now is obviously a great time to book a fishing charter here in Charleston,SC. The creek bite for smaller fish and the harbor bite for larger Redfish, Sharks and stingrays are getting better as well. We are averaging at least 20 fish on our charters right now and make for an action packed fishing charter! We are excited to see Charleston opening back up with limited capacity seating at all restaurants and hotels are also starting to book rooms. Give us a call and let us put you and your family on the fish! Please book online or by phone today!

Capt. Zachary Litchfield